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Q&A with Hitchhiker Head Brewer Andy Kwiatkowski

Interview by RuthAnn Deveney

  1. What’s your role at your brewery? (a 1-sentence description would be great!) I am the Head Brewer.
  2. What prompted you and your brewery to join the 2019 Winterfest? Jeff Norman had stopped by our brewery in Pittsburgh and was the fan of the beer.  He reached out to see if we were interested in pouring at Kennett this past Fall.  I had heard so many great things about the fest so we jumped at the chance.  It was the first time we had ever poured beer outside of Pittsburgh and we had the honor of winning the Connoisseur Award so we had to come back.
  3. What are you looking forward to at the festival? Pouring beer among some of the best breweries and beer patrons in the world. 
  4. What can you tell us about the beer you plan to bring? We want to bring the heat so we are bringing our best beers and some of those are still to be determined.  I can say we will bringing an Imperial Milk Stout that has been conditioned on a seafaring Peanut Butter cereal. 
  5. What got you into the craft beer world?  Something happened to me when I started my first homebrew and I did everything possible to get into the industry.  I was fortunate enough to get an opportunity at Hitchhiker and the rest is history. 
  6. What’s your favorite style of beer (to drink or to brew)? I am a sucker for Pilsners when it comes to drinking.  When it comes to brewing I like create and try new things so my favorite beers to brew are ones we haven’t made yet. 
  7. What would you say to festival-goers who have never tried your beer before? Pick up a Hitchhiker, it’s not that dangerous.
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