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7 Tips for Winterfest Rookies

From RuthAnn Deveney 


On Saturday, February 23, the 7th Annual Kennett Winterfest will be here! If it will be your first time attending this fun, local event, here are 7 tips for a great fest:

  1. Print your ticket

When you buy your Winterfest ticket, you will get a confirmation and a PDF of your ticket. Print it out! It will make scanning so much easier at the entrance gate.


  1. Dress for the weather

Winterfest is a rain or shine event! The first year, that meant rain and snow, and we did it anyway! Check the weather and make sure you are dressed appropriately for whatever Mother Nature has in store so you can enjoy all the festival has to offer!


  1. Make and wear a pretzel necklace

String your favorite pretzels on some kitchen twine so you can cleanse your palate between beers! Bonus points for soft pretzels or cured meat — yes, it has been done!


  1. Eat an early lunch

Even though there are food trucks available at the festival, you will want a cushion of food in your stomach before you head in. Then you can head straight to the breweries that have the beers you most want to try and not worry about food for at least an hour.


  1. Bring cash

When you get hungry, you’ll want cash to hit up the food trucks and other vendors at the festival. There will not be an ATM, so come prepared!


  1. Get a Dia Doce Cupcake

I know, they will seem expensive, but they are worth it! So delicious and a perfect pairing for a nice stout or porter.


  1. Clip a carabiner to your belt loop or bag

When you’re getting food, using the restroom, or otherwise in need of two hands, you need a place to put your tasting mug! Hang that mug on a carabiner, and everyone will be very impressed.


See you at the Winterfest! Cheers!

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